Facts and Questions

What are Clip On Computer Reading Glasses?:  This new Clip-on device will convert the distance portion of your prescription eyeglasses to a computer mid-range working focus. Your head will maintain a natural  ergonomic position when looking at the computer screen immediately, resulting in both improved physical comfort and visual clarity.

The clip-on computer reading glasses are called Computer Conversion Clips, and the new clips come in two power ranges designed to change the focal points of the eyes from distance viewing to a computer mid-distance working focus for all ages of presbyopic (Bifocal age) wearers. The clip-on is position over the upper distance portion of wearers eyeglasses. You can use the Computer Conversion Clip over Bifocals, Trifocals or Progressive (no line bifocals). Immediately, the wearer will benefit from a more normal head position while working at the computer. The digital optical quality of the Computer Conversion Clip with anti-reflection coating will provide crystal clear vision across the entire lens to make working at the computer visually and physically more comfortable.

What is new about the Computer Conversion Clip?

The Computer Conversion Clip is a new ergonomically designed clip-on lens attachment for general wear prescription eyeglasses in shape, size, optical centering, lens material, lens coating and thickness and weight; with these specifically engineered optical properties the computer conversion clips attach over the distance portion of your eyewear to improve both the wearers visual comfort and visual acuity while maintaining a good physical ergonomic position with your head and spine while looking at  the computer screen. What are clip-on computer reading glasses is all about being more comfortable sitting at the PC.

The position of optical centering is approximately 60 mm; this will create less stress on ocular motor functions associate with eye convergence (turning in) when viewing objects at a close intermediate range, and lessen the added stress while viewing a computer screen for long periods of time over existing computer lenses which have optical centering of 70 mm or more in their design.

The smaller eye size design creates a more contemporary shape with less lens thickness for the Computer Lens Clip-on (52mm by 26mm). This new design will provide a lighter weight computer clip-on attachment to the wearers eyeglasses. The lens size and thickness reduces the center of gravity outward from the wearer’s frame to help minimize the weight of the lens aid and lessen the effects of gravity that tend to pull the eyeglasses down on the nose.

Unique to the Computer Lens Clip-on is the additional value of using a non-glare anti-reflection coating to reduce annoying glare and reflections. The resulting effects of adding a non-glare coating has been scientifically recognized to reduce visual stress and improve the wearers performance while working at a computer for extended periods of time (2 or more hours per day).

Digital design optics gives the clip on computer reading glasses a undistorted viewing area across the width of the lens to improve the wearers experience and visual comfort.

The Custom Hard Case that protects the clip-ons when not in use opens at the end.

Attaching the Computer Clip-on to your eyeglasses: Instruction

  1. Instructional use of the Computer Conversion Clips: To begin, put your forefinger on top of the finger squeeze pad and your thumb under the center clip brace and squeeze down on the finger pad to open the clips clamping prongs.
  2. Slip the clip-on device with the now open clamping prongs over the eyeglasses at the bridge, or nasal area.
  3. Position the computer lenses to cover the top half of your prescription lenses so it is even.  The images below show the normal positioning of the clips attached to the eyeglasses. The bottom part of the glasses that contain the reading Rx in a progressive lens or line bifocal or trifocal can still be used.  Your glasses have essentially been converted to an intermediate and near vision pair of glasses for computer or general desk work.  All the material that would normally be out of your reading range on a desk is now in focus!


You can see the Clip-On is positioned at the top of the eyeglasses, so the bottom portion of the glasses can continue to be used for close reading.

You can see the Clip-On is positioned at the top of the eyeglasses, so the bottom portion of the glasses can continue to be used for close reading.