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by Bill Valentine and Becky Valentine

The “WITS” book (Whatever It Takes) Women’s Self Defense Workbook by Bill Valentine and Becky Valentine sold for $14.95 in a hard copy and $9.95 in a PDF format for years, is now a free PDF download as a community service from Bill Valentine Optical. BONUS: 14 short training videos at the bottom of this page to complement the Workbook with more suggested ways to defend yourself!

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You may not have known, besides being the best Optician I could be I had other interests that I worked around throughout my optical career. I taught Ophthalmic Optics in a Private Post Secondary School, and partnered up with my sister in crafting an educational course in Self Defense Combatives as part of the California school curriculum. Becky and I co-taught 100’s of physical educators at the major Workshops the program we called “Self Defense For Life”, for about twenty years.

The Self Defense For Life Program we designed meets the California State Framework for 7th and 10th graders. Teachers passed along the vital information and skills to help our children stay healthy and safe. Self defense basic moves that works with all body types, range of motion and physical conditioning is key to our success and yours.

I had obtained a fifth degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. However, Self Defense is NOT karate. The Self Defense Techniques developed were a combination of graduate work in psychology and education, along with my background in martial arts, and most importantly, my sister’s educational background and experiences as a Physical Educator.

The book WITS (Whatever It Takes), Women’s Self Defense Workbook, is an outgrowth of the self defense combatives program Becky and I developed for the school program. In less time than learning CPR (a couple of hours), you can beat the odds of an assault with realistic easy-to-follow offensive/fighting moves that have stood the test of time and solid crime prevention measures! You can learn something regardless of your age or physical conditioning.

One self defense technique can make the critical difference in avoiding sexual contact in most cases of sexual assault!

Self defense skills you can own today…and keep for life!

Bill Valentine and Becky Valentine getting ready to teach another Self Defense For Life Workshop

You can learn concepts by watching, reading and discussion, but skills can only be learned by doing ! Learn Self Defense Skills Fast, from Educators and Coaches, AND Karate Instructors.

The Woman’s Self Defense Workshops that Becky and I taught, to as many as 250 women at one time, was a natural extension of our School Program.

Learning to use motor skills you already possess is not a new approach, but the “transfer training” methods we teach have now been tried and tested over the years by thousands of women that attended this short, safe and yes, fun type kick butt self defense program.

New skills come from “DOING!”.

Self Defense Muscle Memory- Consider the difference between understanding the concept of riding a bicycle, and actually being able to do it. Getting on the bike and experimenting to find balance and control are what bring mastery to this physical skill. As we all seem to know, once you learn to ride a bicycle, you never forget. It is part of you “muscle memory”.

The self defense techniques in WITS applies this same concept to learning the physical skills that can save your life. The training methods will show you quickly how to develop the physical skills into “Self Defense Muscle Memory”.

Go From Self Defense Concepts to Self Defense Skills Today!
Feel Safer And Enjoy Life More.

Can this really work? Can you learn from a Book? One retired woman, who purchased the “WITS” book had this to say. “I wanted to tell you that after going through your book and practicing a few of the skills I thought I could do, that it gave me the confidence to use a knee kick to save myself from being a victim. I just wanted to thank Becky and you for the choices I now have that make me feel more secure about my abilities.”

—Nancy G.(name withheld by request) from California

The vast majority of sexual assaults are date and / or acquaintance rape (80-90%) as oppose to stranger rape. This is why in approximately 80% of attempted rape cases, women/girls with any self-defense training avoided sexual contact.

Consider this Self Defense book as a welcomed wake up call. If you learn to recognize and accept the possible risks to your personal safety you will have options, ignore the possibilities of any risk (commonly called denial) and you let the situation control you. Your decision…

Becky and Bill Valentine instructing physical educators at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

I received my 5th Degree Black Belt in 1992, at the age of 45, from Jim Martin, president and 8th degree black belt, of Western Black Belt Association.

A quick story about Jim Martin. Jim was good friends with Bruce Lee. Bruce called Jim to ask if he would play in his first movie directed towards the growing interest in martial arts in American audiences. Jim’s work commitments to his several karate studios prevented him from accepting Bruce’s generous offer at that time. Bruce Lee than called the next person on his phone list…Chuck Norris. End of story…

I was in my late 30’s, and I was a full time optician with Glendale Eye Medical Group, and working as a part-time karate instructor in Tae Kwon Do evenings. I realized then I needed to take a different direction by concentrating on Self Defense, and not karate.

Karate took a lot of time and practice, and the techniques were not always instinctive. So basically, do you want to look good doing a karate technique, or do you want to be effective with an easier and more instinctive natural self defense move.

Self Defense Training was a clear choice, so I began working with my sister, Becky, a physical educator. The rest is history.

Pictured on the left is my signature move a Flying Side Kick. On the right I am pictured training karate on the beach, it’s important to practice martial arts in many different environments outside the karate studio.

Self Defense For Life Videos

The 14 short instructional videos below complement the book. The video material was originally made as an instructional DVD for Physical Educators. The pace is not YouTube fast but the visual demonstrations and content will be helpful to many.

Ultimate Knee Kick

Knee Kick Training as a Basic Self Defense Move will help you develop the most powerful self defense weapon in the human arsenal. This leg kicking technique requires the least amount of energy to get maximum striking impact.

Foot Stomp: Basic Self Defense Move

When in doubt, Stomp, Stomp, Stomp! This is a physical skill that can take a larger, stronger person out of action fast.

Common Items as a Weapon: Basic Self Defense

Here are ideas on how to turn a few of the most common items at our disposal into Practical Weapons in Basic Self Defense Moves. Learn how water can hurt you…if you are the attacker!

S.O.S. Personal Safety Awareness

Stature, Observation and Stride (S.O.S.): A Simple Plan that Works. A Basic Self Defense Strategy all of us can use immediately to beat the odds on crime!

Round House Knee Kick

A knee kick is needed that can be delivered when the attacker is at the side of you and not directly (online) in front. The Round House style of Knee Kick.

Palm Heel Strike

The palm of your hand to strike gives you the advantages of a larger surface to hit with, and safely transfer the striking power generated from your body through your arms to the target. You also have additional abilities to use your fingers to visually cripple the offender.

Elbow Strike

The elbow is the hardest hitting surface we have in the upper body. Elbow Strikes can be used from any angle with very little practice.

Front Snap Kick

If your attacker is just out of range for a knee kick, a Front Snap Kick will extend your offensive abilities to target into the “magic triangle”.

Hammer Fist Strike

Making a fist and using the bottom portion of your hand to strike the attacker.

Finger Flick Strike

Snapping the fingers with a jab like motion into the eye area.

Center Strength Theory

Center Strength Theory with banner

Ear Slap Self Defense Move

A surprisingly simple skill that has devastating potential is an Ear Slap Strike. This physical technique has reliable results. It has a lot of shock and pain value, as well as being a well kept secret.

Self Defense for Life Basic Self Defense Moves

Introduction to Self Defense for Life Techniques

Head Butts

Head Butts are DANGEROUS, but effective. Learn how to manage this technique without getting a whip lash. If you ever been head butted by a baby, you will get the point.